Financial Information


Tuition and academic fees are payable to the individual institution, either Gonzaga University or Spokane Community College. Each (Arch)diocese has different policies and procedures regarding what they will pay for the academic fees cost of tuition. Any questions by a seminarian regarding those policies should be addressed to his Vocation Director.

Some seminarians begin their college career at Spokane Community College. In either case, the cost for those institutions is separate from the cost of Bishop White Seminary.

Bishop White Seminary Fees

Each (Arch)diocese is responsible to pay the fees associated with Bishop White Seminary. Therefore, the seminary will invoice the (Arch)diocese directly at the beginning of the academic year. Parents will not be invoiced.

Nonetheless, paying for priestly formation is a primary responsibility of each (Arch)bishop, and as a practical matter this usually represents one of the strongest reasons why each family is encouraged to participate in their own (Arch)diocesan annual appeals.

For the same reason, seminarians are responsible to seek financial assistance in the form of grants and scholarships. The grant/scholarships lower the cost of tuition before the sponsoring (Arch)diocese assists the seminarian in the payment of his other fees.

Spokane Community College surcharge

Spokane Community College uses academic quarters as opposed to the semester system used by Gonzaga. Thus, in order to complete their spring academic quarter, seminarians studying at SCC must remain in the seminary until mid-June, 4-5 weeks longer than those studying at GU. This is reflected in a pro-rated extra month of room and board, as noted in the chart above.

Seminarians should consult with their Vocation Office concerning financial responsibilities and other sources of financial assistance which are available.

Please contact the Seminary Office for further information.


2020-2021 Charges

Fee Description BWS Sem at GU
(9 months)
BWS Sem at SCC
(10 months)
Room (Base Fee): $5,288 $5,288
Extra Month Room: $581
Board (Base Fee): $6,300 $6,300
Extra month Board: $700
Subtotal (Room & Board) $11,588 $12,869
Auto: $618 $618
Formation: $800 $800
Classes: $1,600 $1,600
Retreats: $1,000 $1,000
Technology Fee: $380 $380
Total Annual Cost: $15,986 $17,267


Financial Aid for GU and SCC

Each (Arch)Diocese has its own method of financing seminary education. In addition, each college or university has a varying amount of private scholarship funding available to distribute. Usually, these scholarships are awarded based upon a student’s academic excellence, financial need, or other demographic characteristics.

Gonzaga University, for example, has a large number of scholarships which can reduce or eliminate the cost of a seminarian’s education. In addition to other scholarships and grants, Gonzaga University provides each undergraduate seminarian a 35% tuition discount (this does not apply to graduate school tuition or to summer sessions). For the 2020-2021 school year this represents a reduction of $16,121 per seminarian.

Both Gonzaga University and Spokane Community College require that seminarians complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year, as well as applying for all scholarships and grants available.

Although BWS dorm rooms are larger on average, our cost per square foot is much lower. A comparison of the average room size and cost can be found below in the section entitled “Seminarian Rooms.”

Where are our graduates?

Graduates of Bishop White Seminary have been sent on to study at the following theologates:

  • Patrick’s Seminary & University (Menlo Park, CA)
  • Theological College/Catholic University of America (Washington, DC)
  • Angel Seminary (Mt. Angel, OR)
  • Pontifical North American College (Rome)
  • St. Paul Seminary (St. Paul, MN)