Applying for Seminary Formation

Bishop White Seminary is a collaborative college seminary. This means that Bishop White Seminary is not a degree-granting institution, but collaborates with both Gonzaga University and the Spokane Community to do so. Thus, while living and receiving formation at Bishop White, a seminarian will earn his academic degree from Gonzaga University.

In some cases, a seminarian may need to begin his seminary intellectual formation at Spokane Community College for one or two years, after which he will transfer to Gonzaga University. Regardless of where a man is enrolled, all seminarians live at Bishop White Seminary.

Bishop White students must apply and be accepted to Bishop White Seminary and either Gonzaga University or Spokane Community College, depending on their pathway.

(Common Application)

(Updated List of Required documents from Diocese)


English as a Second Language

Community life is an essential component of the formation program at Bishop White Seminary. One of the unique strengths of our program arises from the small size of the seminary community: a man is challenged daily to listen to, speak and work with, learn from, and teach each of the other members of the community, both within the seminary and at the University.

Therefore, candidates for Bishop White Seminary must be able to speak, read, and understand English while enrolled at either Gonzaga University or SCC. Bishop White Seminary does not offer an English as a Second Language (ESL) program.